At Atlantic Coast Cotton we will always try to update you on what’s new with the industry, part of that commitment is to ensure you that our stock additions are announced for your convenience.

Last updated 02/23/2021

New Items to ACC:

Below are some new arrivals at our warehouse - stocked and ready to ship.


LAT Apparel 3929

Reach for the stars with this all-over pattern tee. A perfect mix of fashion and patriotic pride!



USA flag-themed bags, totes and backpacks. Show pride in your nation - at school, at work and at play.



One- and two-bottle promotionally priced wine totes. Need a cheaper alternative for those bottles of Annie Green Springs? When a heavier, more expensive wine tote is not essential to the budget, try these great alternatives. Just not for that bottle of Dom Perignon.


Liberty 8893

Let’s be honest. This is a well-made, cheap backpack to fit any budget. Need a break on price, but still need quality? Look no further. Four or five basic colors, plus Hot Pink.


Liberty 5773

You’re kidding… fanny packs? What is this, 1980? Just when you thought it was safe to go to the mall again, they’re ba-a-ck! These things are like white on rice: all over.  Join the happy throng that goes marching along… with fanny packs. Betcha didn’t know they used to be called bum-bags. We guess fanny pack sounds cuter.


Comfort Colors 1745

Put on a PFD garment-dyed shirt. Splash a little paint on the floor. Roll around in it. Voila! OK, so we’re kidding.  Nevertheless, you’d get some interesting patterns. Like those found on this exciting overdyed tee. Six colors with names that suggest someone at the mill has a super imagination.

Ask about the 1545, a sweatshirt in the same cool pattern.


Adams PV112

Six panel two-tone truckers caps. Coming soon! So we’re told. Man, are they slow. Oh well. Maybe the container hit an iceberg. There’s lots of those floating around loose these days. In stock by 2/15, we’re told.


All that is New, but these are…



ACC now carries Featherlite, Burnside and Hilton products.  We won’t tell you what sort of hoops we jumped through to get these for you, but we coined a phrase: “hoop burn.”

11 Burnside styles, their best ones.

12 Featherlite styles, again… only the best will do.

2 Hilton styles. Angler’s shirts, for whaver you’re angling for… even if it’s not fish.

Ships from Houston for now, but you folks buy enough and we’ll pull them into Gainesville.


Check back here often for more new stuff as it makes it’s way into our warehouse.


And remember, we are here to serve! If you don’t see what you want, tell us and we’ll suffer more “hoop burn” until you are satisfied. We will never be satisfied until YOU are!